From getting a home loan to a business loan, it can really be cumbersome to enquire with the many banks and lenders out there one by one.
Setting out to disrupt the existing process our end-to-end loan comparison platform means you can now reach dozens of banks and lenders directly in minutes with just one submission, not days. Get actual offers based on your credit profile, not best-case scenarios, not some advertised rates. See all your personalized offers and their details in one simple-to-understand dashboard where our Financing Partners compete to offer you a loan.
Let help you Find The Loan best suited to your needs today!

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Renee Pak

Head of Sales at Funding Societies, Singapore

“At the core of Funding Societies, we work to improve financial inclusion in Singapore and Southeast Asia through financing SMEs and providing investment opportunities. While innovation and technology are in our DNA and SMEs can enjoy a fast and seamless experience, that may not be the case if SMEs found us via intermediaries. Working with allows us to phase out these delays and allow us to continue to support more SMEs in Singapore in a speedy method.”

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Leslie Tay, CFA, FRM

Vice President, Sale & Distribution, Green Link Digital Bank

“…loan marketplace web-app addresses a key principal-agent problem well known in the loan brokerage industry. That is, loan brokers may not always hunt for the cheapest loans for their MSME clients. I look forward to seeing MSMEs and FIs reap the benefits (of via a more transparent and efficient loan matchmaking process.”

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Daniel Tan

Founder of

Daniel previously ran a PR firm that hosted 'Brands For Good,' an annual Awards & Gala Dinner recognizing outstanding SMEs for their CSR efforts. Prior to that, he distributed the Accredited Mortgage Consultant (AMC) program from Australia, aiming to enhance professionalism in the brokerage industry since a decade ago. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when he noticed that many SMEs were paying loan brokers large finder's fees, and brokers were cherry-picking customers or even profiteering, he decided there must be a more transparent and faster way for borrowers to obtain loans. Thus, Singapore’s 1st loan marketplace.

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Teck Loon

Business Tech Transformation Head, BNP Paribas

The Business Tech Transformation Head @ BNP Paribas, Teck Loon is a veteran in technology platforms and leading business transformation for the last 15 years. He is seasoned in providing financial markets business advisories, strategic program planning, enterprise project management, product management & development across the Asia Pacific Region. He is an active startup mentor with ACE and has mentored startups that gone on and raised millions of dollars. Teck Loon advises us on our product development in


Whether you are a small company without a CFO in your company or a non-private banking customer without a dedicated RM guiding you; it is equally easy for you to access finance via our platform without the need for a team of advisors to decipher complicated offers or watch out for hidden costs. Financial education is also an essential part of financial inclusion, and our mission includes helping everyone make an informed choice by educating borrowers on the various credit products out there, their differences and what to watch out for.