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Still approaching the banks one by one
when you need a loan?


Single interface to easily reach multiple lenders, no more grappling with different jargons, banks' website layouts and product names.


From business to home loans, get actual quotes directly from our lenders based on your credit profile, not some advertised rates, no broker involved.


Singapore 1st loan marketplace. Being able to reach so many lenders with just a single submission plus directly helps you find a competitive loan fast.

Change the way you Find The Loan!

Simply choose the loan type you are looking for.

Upload the documents required. Our algorithm will guide you through what documents are required.

Compare and select the financing partner who offers the highest quantum, the longest tenure, the lowest fee, or the lowest interest rate after they compete to offer you a loan.

What happens if you don't compare?

Imagine two loans that are both $300,000 and 5 years long, but one is at 3% and the other is at 3.50% per annum.

That would give you a total interest of $45,000 versus $52,500 - a difference of $7,500 !

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