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Singapore’s 1st loan marketplace.

  • Our last 3 customers saved up to $8,455.93 in interest and fees.
  • No broker involved. Free to use.
  • Reach multiple lenders at once instead of applying one by one.
  • Tailored quotes directly from lenders instead of recommendations from review websites.

Find The Loan you need in 3 simple steps.

Simply choose the loan type you are looking for.

Upload the required documents to reach multiple lenders of your choice with just one application.

Lowest interest or highest quantum, Find The Loan best suited for you after the lenders compete to offer you a loan.


”…A recent influx of clients required us to seek additional funding to be able to cope with the increased material and headcounts required to deliver on the projects. We relied on a broker which we were initially gratefully that got back to us rather quickly - a week - and found us the loan we need at a reasonable interest rate. When he shared with me what he is building, and I realised what a game-changer it would be when it launches! I don't think my business would ever rely on a loan broker to help with (our) cash flow. “

“…loan marketplace web-app addresses a key principal-agent problem well known in the loan brokerage industry. That is, loan brokers may not always hunt for the cheapest loans for their MSME clients. I look forward to seeing MSMEs and FIs reap the benefits of Daniel’s solution via a more transparent and efficient loan matchmaking process.”

”I'm honoured to be part of a select few who got to witness the birth of his product, FindTheLoan.com , and I've been impressed by what it has to offer so far. I'm confident that this can potentially be a game changer for this sector ...”

”As a finance company, the loan brokering industry is an important one to us and originate a healthy percentage of our deals - however, the large but fragmented industry comprising of mainly individuals do add to overheads from having to coordinate with them. I believe that this platform will be a huge asset to everyone in the industry.”

Lender's Benefits

Reduce Fraud

Loan brokers are the highest single source of fraud for most lenders. Cut out the middleman. Let borrowers connect to you directly.

Save Time & Cost

Years of incorporation, % of local shareholder, turnover, min quantum etc. Many correct parameters a broker or a borrower needs to note before reaching out but don’t, taking up your time. Control exactly what enquiries should reach you via your lender’s dashboard.

Improve on Your NPL

Even if you are not expanding your loan books, having more borrowers to choose from will allow you to diversify.

Quote Borrowers Direct

No more wondering if a broker relayed your loan offer over to the borrower timely or at all.

Intelligent System

Our system is dynamic and guides the different profile of borrower to furnish the necessary info you’ll need for your credit assessment. Shortening the enquiry to loan obtained time for everyone.

Quick & Without Hassles

No more back & forth chasing borrowers - & especially brokers - for any extra documents or expired ones. Our system will even send reminders for you.


Banks, non-banks & moneylenders each has a preferred risk profile to serve. We summarized the borrower’s enquiry and profile so you can -at a glance- decide if you want to zoom in now & quote, or come back later.

Reduce duplicates

Brokers frequently try to talk to multiple of your RMs just to see who can get back faster but it generate duplicate work and slow down the loan process for everyone. A centralized lending platform where you can assign the right profile to the right RM prevents that.

What happens if you don't compare?

Imagine two loans that are both $300,000 and 5 years long, but one is at 3% and the other is at 3.50% per annum.

That would give you a total interest of $45,000 versus $52,500 - a difference of $7,500 !

Why Us?


Singapore’s 1st loan marketplace! No more grappling with different jargons, banks' website layouts and product names! No more submitting the same documents again & again for each lender - simply use a single interface to reach multiple lenders in just one application!


From business to personal loans, get actual quotes directly from lenders based on your actual credit profile, not some advertised rates by review websites that may or may not apply to you. No broker & broker fee involved!


Our fully digitalized platform means you are now able to, not just reach many lenders directly & faster than any human brokers - also manage your relationships with the lenders directly in just one place!

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